Lime Mortars Melbourne

Lime Mortars have been of immeasurable importance in building for centuries. It is a time-honoured material that can be traced back to the building of the Pyramids of ancient Egypt.  In more recent history, the first settlers of Australia used lime mortar to build magnificent buildings that still stand strong today.

When the first settlers arrived on the shores of Australia in 1790, natural lime stone deposits had yet to be identified so they availed themselves of whatever was at hand. A substitute was found in the shell middens that had been piled high by the native aboriginals throughout the ages. This medium was augmented by the plentiful supply of mud oyster, cockle shell and, less frequently, coral found on the Australian coastline. To obtain building lime the settlers would burn the shells in a thermal heat process known, as “Calcining or Calcination” and the end result would produce a product known as “Quick Lime”. When restoring Heritage Buildings around Melbourne today, shells can still be identified in mortar mixes.

Lime mortars have self-healing qualities. They are an excellent binder, are extremely flexible under stress and, unlike the newer products of today, allow for the subtle movement a building undergoes in its lifetime. In addition, lime mortars gain compressive strength over time. Lime mortars are also a very healthy product; Natural Hydrolic Lime draws Carbon dioxide Co2 out of buildings, in effect purifying them for their inhabitants. .


Lime Mortars are generally applied in consecutive coats, starting with a strong mix and reducing strength as the layers are built up. It is usual to apply two or three coats and on occasion more. This depends on the sub-straight (Brick work, Wooden Lath or the Newer Expanded Metal Lath (EML)). The correct mix and method of application is dependent on the specificities of the building in question. In every case, however, the use of Lime Mortars results in a building of enduring strength and longevity and, in the case of a family home, an ideal environment for the well being of families.

Repairs & Maintenance

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