White Set

White Set internal finish is a very old and time proven traditional finish that is generally applied over a scratched lime render base. The scratches are made by a wooden float with nails around the edge to facilitate a mechanical key.

White Set when cured correctly is probably one of the most hard-wearing and practical finishes for heavy traffic areas. In the event of damage it can be patched and polished with ease, making any defects invisible to the eye.


Lime is an integral part of the mix and has to be slaked in fresh water for as long as possible before mixing with the White Set plaster. The lime and plaster is then gauged and mixed together until it has a smooth, creamy quality. It is then applied to the already wet and previously scratched lime plaster surface, using a steel trowel for the first coat and then a long wooden float for the second. After approximately an half hour, when the White Set is deemed appropriately firm, we return to a steel trowel and commence closing in the plaster. Polishing continues until the plaster surface acquires a smooth and hard eggshell like finish. Oxides can be added to the original wet mix to obtain a coloured finish. Using various sealers White Set can be applied over previously textured walls so long as they are in sound condition and the surface is free of dirt or peeling.