Experienced Solid Plasterers

My name is Joseph O’Gorman and I have over 30 years experience in the solid plaster industry. I first worked for a well established company in Liverpool, England, where I acquired the skills necessary for fine heritage restoration. Here I also learned the importance of attending to the minutiae of solid plaster repair. I have from the very beginning taken it as a source of pride that I contribute to the continuance of old buildings. It is common knowledge within the industry that the range of skills and techniques that go into heritage restoration are at risk of being forgotten and I hold it a point of honour to maintain and utilize the traditional skills of my craft. My client’s confidence is always paramount and I ensure that they are aware at all times of what the job requires, the stage it has reached and where it is yet to go. This is as true of a new client as it is of an established one. As the testimonials show, my customers are uniformly delighted with the work I have done for them over the years.

Heritage restoration often requires far more than simple, stock acrylic or strong sand and cement mixtures and this is where my specialized knowledge and experience come to the fore. The rigidity of strong sand and cement mixes can neither compete with the flexible strength and longevity of lime mixes, nor combine with existing heritage facades in seamless harmony. I therefore use lime in my traditional mixes, which goes a long way to establish the sympathetic mix of old and new for which my work is known. The many moulds, cornices and corbels that have been disfigured and damaged over time can all be lovingly either restored or, if need be, reproduced. This is a particularly rewarding part of my job and I take a personal satisfaction in the resultant pieces and their re-integration into the building.

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Services Offered

  • Traditional render and white set finish
  • Traditional lime render
  • Lath and lime plaster repairs
  • Moulds, cornice and corbel reproduction
  • Hand run moulds to match existing runs
  • Stucco or wet dash
  • Quoin stones
  • Rising damp repairs
  • Colourex sand finish
  • Toscano sand finish
  • Matching existing patterned textures (internal and external)
  • Pebble and spar dashing
  • Acrylic Textures
  • Stencilling
  • Acrylic render and textures
  • Brick stitching
  • Vermiculated and Reticulated blocks and Quoins stones
  • Ashlar,incised lines to retain simulated block-work
  • Balustrades repair or replacement
  • Block rustication

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Notable Jobs

  • ANZ Bank crn Queens and Collins St, Melb.
  • Royal Mint
  • TNG Bld
  • Telecom facade

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