The front render-over-brick wall of my mid-Victorian 2-story house was cracking-up..obvious cracks in many places!! When Joe first came to inspect, he imparted confidence in me that the cracked render repair was not a problem- he sounded so cool – using the terms like “brick-stitching”… so l discerned that Joe possessed expertise gained from years of experience in traditional plastering of period homes in his native Ireland. Whereas in Melbourne, the art of traditional solid plastering has been but lost! Joe also arranged scaffolding, and he actually liaised with two other trades.. in this case, painting and roof plumbing.

On this front external wall, results of a previous repair-job left a ‘bulge’ appearance which has annoyed me every time I’ve looked at it for the last 35 years. Now Joe has expertly squared it off – so defined and clean struck-rendered the patch to match the depth of the existing lines as well as repairing the other cracks – and nor only superficially!! – as l know from watching his tedious-work-in-progress!

Joe communicates on all levels.. a rare attribute in my experience of trades. Even down to unavoidable situations like traffic jams and delays beyond anyone’s control, yes… you will be notified by mobile phone from Joe! I have no hesitation in recommending Joe’s work. You are welcome to have a drive-by to see a closer yourself.

L. Stratford